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Molekule’s patented PECO technology

Science at the nanoscale

Developed over 25 years by research scientists, PECO is an innovative technology that utilizes free radicals—the same radicals used to destroy cancer cells—to break down pollutants at a molecular level, including VOCs, bacteria, mold, viruses, and allergens. By using nanotechnology, PECO is able to destroy pollutants 1000 times smaller than the standard filters must meet to qualify as HEPA.

  • Free Radical (OH)
  • plus
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • plus
  • Virus (C,O,H,N)
leads to
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • plus
  • Water (H2O)
  • plus
  • Trace Elements (N2, etc)

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The path to clean air

The path to clean air
The path to clean air

Under the microscope — Black mould

PECO destroys pollutants at a microscopic scale, including VOCs and viruses 1000x smaller than what the HEPA filter standard tests for. With no ozone byproduct, Molekule air purifiers safely destroy a vast range of indoor air pollutants. As a science company, Molekule conducts extensive testing of its technology through its own labs as well as certified third-party laboratories.


Black mould captured on the surface of the Molekule PECO-Filter before being broken down.


Black mould in the process of being oxidized (broken down).


Black mould is oxidized and destroyed.

Testing Air Mini with Dr. Goswami

The research and innovation behind our filter technology

The need for PECO’s pollutant destruction in the home has never been greater.

The need for PECO’s pollutant destruction in the home has never been greater.

White papers & technology reports

Molekule believes in scientific disclosure. That’s why we make our testing and scientific data public.

  • VOC Destruction Report

    As tested by Intertek, a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL), Molekule’s PECO technology destroys VOCs without re-release, unlike any other technology available. Download

  • Ozone Emission Test Report

    Scientific testing by Intertek and the University of Minnesota Particle Calibration Laboratory shows that Molekule’s PECO Technology doesn’t produce ozone as a byproduct and actually reduces it in the air. Download